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The people at WorldTV have split my old Acid Jazz Channel into two parts. I'm not too thrilled with this for obvious reasons. But it still offers the best service of its type. So both channels are here. Below is More Acid Jazz (Yeah, they named that themselves.) in case you're thinking where are the videos I used to see. And below that is the Acid Jazz Channel which plays on the frontpage of this site.





And here is the usual Acid Jazz Channel.



Try to imagine a music channel if it was programmed by people who like art and music. Crazy I know. There are over 100 vids as of March 25, 2007. Update: As of April 15: 230 vids or more. You need 300 to compete with your average lame video station. Need 1000 to create something special. Update: Over 2000 videos now.  Hope you enjoy the videos. There is a lot of time and investments made in putting them up on the site. Iit can also help with the financial aspects of things as well..  Please comment here.